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Friday, 20 July 2018

Project Distribution Table

The table below is based on all projects in the STCU Project Database which have an STCU Senior Specialists assigned. PCs are assigned automatically when a project is added to the database. If a project which you believe should be included is missing from the list, search for it in the Project Database and make sure it has indeed reached a stage at which a PC should have been assigned. If, for instance, a project is listed as being in the Application stage, but you know that the Proposal has already arrived at the Center, then please give the Proposal to Elena Shelest so that she can make sure the Proposal gets into the database. At that point, the project will appear in the Distribution List.

# Type Status Senior Specialist PA PO End Date Begin Date Revised Date
9700 R Funded-A Mutovkin Maiboroda Pishchalov 01 Jun 2021 30 Nov 2016
9810 R Funded-A Taberko Maiboroda Dudko 15 Jan 2019 12 Dec 2016
9811 R Funded-A Taberko Maiboroda Pishchalov 01 Jul 2020 02 Jul 2018
9904 R Funded-A Taberko Maiboroda Grushovenko 01 Jun 2021 18 May 2018
9905 R Funded-A Taberko Maiboroda Pishchalov 01 May 2021 18 May 2018
P718 R Funded-A Panchenko Maiboroda Grushovenko 01 Jul 2021 23 Apr 2018