STCU is proposing to you a translated Broad Agency Announcement from AFOSR (US Air Force Office of Scientific Research). This is a funding opportunity from the United States for peaceful fundamental research support. Please review the attached document of scientific areas of interest.

Before submitting a research proposal, you or your scientists may wish to further explore proposal opportunities. You can do this by contacting the appropriate AFOSR program manager who can provide greater detail about a particular opportunity; the program manager may then ask for a White Paper. However, in your conversations with a Government official, be aware that only contracting and grants officers are authorized to commit the Government. We recommend that you first prepare a Preliminary White Paper as described above and send it to the US Program Manager for discussion with you by e-mail. The format should be as follows:

Preliminary White Paper for Consideration by AFOSR Program Manager
Project Title

  • Objective
  • General approach
  • Impact of proposed research
  • Contact information

The Preliminary White Paper should be approximately 3 pages. Include topics that are of interest to the Program Manager. Please don't send general topics requesting support. Please do not include cost information. You can send the Preliminary White Paper to the US Program Manager who is listed in the attached BAA document. You can start discussions with him or her to determine if there is interest in your proposed project.

If the US program manager requests then you may submit a White Paper, which should briefly describe the proposed research project's
(1) objective,
(2) general approach, and
(3) impact of proposal research.
The white paper may also contain any unique capabilities or experience you may have (e.g., collaborative research activities involving US and international agencies)

Important: Before sending this Preliminary White Paper you should have the approval of your Experts Commission of your Institute or University.

Please pay attention: Your proposal material should be sent directly to AFOSR and not to STCU. If your proposal is selected then it may be implemented through STCU.

If you have any questions regarding this letter please contact:
or 38044-490-7150, x 735