Tuesday, 23 October 2018

STCU News and Announcements

STCU and National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine successfully completes the 2nd Round of their Targeted R&D Initiative Program

13 Oct 2006

On October 13, 2006 the second round of Targeted R&D Initiative Program was completed and 10 science research projects were selected to finance, totaling approximately $1 million USD.

The Targeted R&D Initiative Program was launched in 2005 by the STCU and National Academy of Sciences (NASU) in co-funding the science projects in S&T areas of national priority. It was first time the STCU and recipient party joined in cooperative partnership.

Under the second phase of this cooperative Program the STCU and NASU co-finance, as equal partners, selected projects focused on national S&T priority areas of the Ukrainian government. During this second round, Targeted Initiative projects were focused in the research areas of nanomaterials/nanotechnologies, energy conversation and industrial safety, information technology.

Success of the Targeted R&D Initiative Program has attracted other governmental organizations of STCU countries. The STCU is currently working with these interested parties to determine what future co-funding initiatives are possible in the future.